the experiment

Dream Job Mob is the world’s first dream job crowdsourcing experiment! Participate, crowdsource Teresa’s dream job in change management and win 1.000€!

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What is Dream Job Mob? 

Dream Job Mob is a social mobilisation experiment, designed to crowdsource Teresa's dream job in change management. The goal is to mobilise a broad network of professionals to participate in Teresa’s dream job quest. You can participate by sending Teresa useful information about change management job opportunities. The right tip wins 1.000€! Teresa will also donate 500€ to a good cause, so don’t forget to share this website. Companies can challenge Teresa (with a business problem, a creative assignment, ...) and invite her for an interview.



6 degrees of separation. In 1967, social scientist Stanley Milgram established that an average of 6 links connects any person to anyone else.

2 Jim Carrey’s Bacon Number. The Bacon number expresses each Hollywood actor’s proximity to Kevin Bacon.

4,74 hops between any 2 facebook users. In 2011, facebook analysed its user data and found that an average of 4,74 links connects any 2 facebook users. 

10 weather balloons tracked down through the use of social media by the winning team of DARPA Network Challenge.

1 very special girl Patrick Moberg was looking for through this website.

3 ‘suspects’ found during DARPA Tag Challenge. On the basis of a photo, the participating teams had to locate 5 people across the world in one morning.